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Vera's* Story

Vera is a beautiful 26-year-old Moldovian woman who was brought to Israel through underground women trade 7 years ago. 

Carly and David's Story

We received a call from a very distraught husband who heard about us from a friend. David said that his wife was pregnant, but overcome with nausea and planning an abortion. Just a month before he had been released from prison after serving two very difficult years away from his wife and two sons. David was adamant that Carly should not abort, but he had no job and no way to support his family.

Dalia's* Story

Dalia married very young. Sadly, her first baby died in the 9th month of pregnancy due to complications. She now has a 12 year old daughter from that marriage which ended in divorce. 

Liz's* Story

Liz, born in Israel, lost her mother when she was only 14 years old and went to live with her religious aunt. She was married just a few years later through a matchmaker.  The couple had two girls but were soon divorced. The two girls now live with her ex-husband.  Liz continued to look for love and for someone who would care for her, and met another man. They had two boys together before that relationship crumbled.This time her sons remained with her. Seven months ago, she became pregnant by a boyfriend who pushed her to have an abortion.

Ahuva's* story

Ahuva's* story

Ahuva has been living in one of the central beach cities of Israel.

Tikva's* Story

Tikva , although from an orthodox family, had been abused as a child in the U.S. and made “aliyah” alone to Israel when she was just 16 . She married and divorced twice within just a few years and found herself a single mother with three young boys.

Osnat's* Story

Osnat is a 20-year-old native Israeli from a religious family. Shortly after joining the army, she became pregnant. Both her boy friend and the army encouraged her to have an abortion. However, because of her religious background, she knew that this was life and that she could not take it.

After her father learned of her pregnancy, he threw her out of his home. She went to live with friends. The army released her when she reached her fourth month (The army offers free abortions and waited for four months expecting her to abort).

Hagit Story


Hagit is a 28-year-old religious Jew. She is married and has four children. During the pregnancy with her 4th child, her husband brought tremendous pressure on her to have an abortion due to the expense of another child.

Hagit came to Be’ad Chaim  for help. Be’ad Chaim  gave her counseling and provided financial assistance. This was enough to turn the heart of her husband and he agreed to have the baby, named Shirel, (song of God),  who was born September, 2007.

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