With the easy availability of home-pregnancy tests and their declining cost, we've also seen a reduction in the number of women frequenting the counseling centers. In response, Be'ad Chaim has committed itself to produce and distribute more written material that can be used to sway public opinion about abortions, and inform a wider public of the importance of Sanctity of Life issues.

We publish pamphlets, books, magazines and an annual calendar

Here are a few of our current projects:


Every year for the past few years, we've taken photos of some of the babies born to women enrolled in Operation Moses and have designed a calendar around them. Our hope is that the calendar will remind you to pray for the work, to pray for the moms and their children, and to help raise support for Operation Moses. The calendars follow the Jewish year and begin generally in September, with photo pages through August of the following year. The remaining months of the Gregorian calendar (September-December) have calendar grids but no photos. All proceeds from the calendar go to support women enrolled in Operation Moses. If you would like to order a copy, please click on the "Pay Now" button below. 


A wide variety of pamphlets are available in Hebrew for distribution.
Topics include : Baby development / Consequences of Abortion/ How to tell your parents that you're pregnant/ Dangers of "Free Sex". 

Our most popular flier is called Yonatan Hakatan (originally "Who Killed Junior?")
It is printed on one side in Hebrew and the other in Russian.  We also have a separate Arabic version.

English and Hebrew bookmarks with a reminder to pray against abortion in Israel are also available for distribution.  If you would like to distribute some in your area, please contact us here and we will be glad to send you some.

Several fliers aimed at youth deal with a range of issues from dating, to sex. 

Informational brochures describing the ministry of Be'ad Chaim are available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch and German.

We also have DVDs with segments ranging from Ultrasound imaging of the developing baby, to information on the Gardens of Life, and a general explanation of Be'ad Chaim's work. If you would like to have a copy, please contact our office.


Be'ad Chaim has published several books in Hebrew and in Russian in the last few years including :

Why Prolife by Randy Alcorn, in Russian
The Purity Principle by Randy Alcorn, in Hebrew
Forgiven and Set Free by Linda Cochrane  in Hebrew and English
Prolife Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn, in Hebrew

Family Magazine

"Beynenu" (meaning "between us") is a warm, interesting quarterly  family magazine promoting Godly family values and wholesome living. It is distributed nationally to the Messianic congregations in both Hebrew and Russian.  Our aim is to strengthen and promote Godly marriages and child-rearing practices with practical and timely advice.

Beynenu comes out about once every three months.

Click here to see a sample of a recent edition in Hebrew or Russian.
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