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Over 1,980

babies have been saved through Be'ad Chaim!

Sharbel and Bishara

"Without the help of Be’ad Chaim, I surely would have had an abortion, because I saw no other option," said Suha. “If I’d had an abortion, it would have ruined my life, and I couldn’t have lived with myself after that.”

Several years ago, Suha’s husband was involved in a work accident which required three surgeries and implants of metal plates in his hip and upper thigh. He is not allowed to stand for long periods or bear weight. There was a time when Suha worked cleaning rooms in a local hotel, but due to a slipped disc in her back, she no longer works. The couple lived rent-free with their fourteen and ten year old children in an apartment owned by the local monastery when Suha found out she had an unplanned pregnancy. The family had no income and depended upon the kindness of family and friends for basic provisions. With the help of Be'ad Chaim, she chose not to end her pregnancy.

Despite all the difficulties she faces, Suha is a lovely, calm woman. She’s deeply grateful that her life has been enriched by these two joyful little boys. Sharbel loves to smile and entertain and looks to his brother Bishara for more fun. The two are very energetic together and keep Suha very busy.


Etti is from an Ultra-Orthodox family. Her marriage was arranged for her when she was only 17. Although her husband was abusive even before the wedding, Etti thought that this was normal since her father had abused her mother. Her husband seemed to be the lesser of two evils. The couple had two children together, but when he began to physically abuse the children, Etti gathered her courage and left.

Recently, Etti had a five-month-long intimate relationship with a man and used birth control. Because she continued to menstruate, she only discovered her pregnancy at 12 weeks (84 days). Her boyfriend told her that he would help her abort or that he would leave. Etti sought out her rabbi’s advice. The rabbi told her that after 40 days, when many Jewish scholars believe that the soul enters the baby, abortion is not permitted. He also rebuked her for fornication and reminded her that intimacy is allowed only within the framework of marriage.

Etti was very concerned about the social ramifications of continuing a pregnancy as a single woman in her society, and particularly in her job with other Ultra-Orthodox women. She is a brave person and quietly stated her conclusion during her discussion with Be'ad Chaim, “I think that at first it could be hard and uncomfortable, but then people get used to it and it works out.” Courageously, and without the support of family or community, Etti decided to continue her pregnancy. Be’ad Chaim provided her with all that she needed for the baby through our Operation Moses project.

Avigail and Adelle

Avigail and Adelle were born two months prematurely. As you can see from this picture, they are sweet, beautiful little girls. Their parents, who already had three daughters, had been considering a divorce because of the many stresses on their relationship and finances. Busy mother, Margalit, thought she couldn’t cope with two more children and planned on an abortion. After many conversations with our Eilat counselor, LIFE was chosen for the twins. Since the birth of Avigail and Adelle, the couple's marriage has improved. The father is very helpful with the twins and has generally become much more thoughtful and compassionate. Because he only works part-time at odd jobs, their financial situation continues to be difficult. Our help of furniture and monthly supplies for both baby girls has been vital.