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Fall 2014 Newsletter

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Summer 2014 Newsletter

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Spring 2014 Newsletter an encouraging one

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Somber and sweet - Winter 2013 newsletter

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Fall 2013 Newsletter

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2013 Summer Newsletter!

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Spring 2013 Newsletter

The winter rains painted our fields with a riot of bright green grasses and waves of colorful flowers. It's is a season of rebirth and hope. Yet for some, the word "birth" stings. Pregnancy is a curse, not a blessing for many in Israel. Recent media exposure revealed that the officially reported number of abortions in Israel reflect only half the actual number taking place - daily - in our hospitals - in our major cities and our suburbs - among Jews, Arabs and Christians - young and not-so-young - single and married. The numbers are staggering. One in four aborted.

Winter newsletter 2012-2013

In this season, when lit candles light up many windows in Jerusalem in celebration of the miraculous oil said to have lasted for 8 days in the Temple, we pray that each child born into a family that considered an abortion, will glow and refract God's love for many years to come.

Chris Rice, in his song "Сarry Your Candle" challenges each of us to daily consider how to shine light into our environment, we pray these small children will be the vehicle of double-Hai (חי) - one life saved from abortion pointing the way to new life for the family.

Fall 2012 Newsletter

In the gap between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur fall the "Days of Awe" when we consider our ways, ask forgiveness of God and fellow man, and prepare our heart for the Day of Atonement.

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