Winter 2016-2017 Newsletter

TRUTH? In today’s society it seems that “truth” and moral convictions have taken a back seat to relativism. According to the de nition in Webster’s dictionary, relativism is “ a view that ethical truths depend on the individuals and groups holding them.” Relativism says that there is no absolute truth, rather various “truths” according to one’s perspective.

Winter 2016-2017 Newsletter Hebrew

אמת ? נראה שבחברה של ימינו "אמת" ואמות מידה מוסריות פינו את מקומן ליחסיות. לפי ההגדרה של מילון 'וובסטר', יחסיות משמעותה: תפיסה שאמת מוסרית תלויה באינדיבידואל ובקבוצות האנשים המה חזיקות בה. ה"יחסיות" טוענת שאין אמת אבסולוטית, אלא כמה אמיתות הנקבעות לפי הפרספקטיבה של האדם. ועם זאת, למי שמאמין שהכתובים הם מילת אלוהים יש אמת אבסולוטית. אנחנו מאמינים שאלוהים הוא הנותן והוא הלוקח את החיים.

Newsletter Fall 2016

As I walked through the market place in Jerusalem today, I sighed as I considered how casually our society regards the very things which God has called wonderful. In Psalm 139, it is written that we are fear- fully and wonderfully made.

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Be'ad Chaim Awarded in the Knesset

Spring 2016 Newsletter

I was recently sent an article published in July 1949, just after the end of WWII, in the New England Journal of Medicine. The article, by Leo Alexander, entitled “Medical Science under Dictatorship” explains how Nazi propa- ganda was very quickly able to pervert both public opin- ion and the public conscience. Medical science became subordinate to the philosophy of “rational utility” or that life is valued according to its value to society. A person who would require “useless costs” to society was less valuable than one who pro ted society.

Newsletter Winter 2016

As we begin 2016, we give thanks to God for the privilege of enabling more than 1000 families to choose life for their babies through the provision of our Operation Moses project. This project, which began in 2006, provides moms with basic baby needs for a full year.

FALL 2015 Newsletter

Sometimes, our mothers choose to be very brave and to continue a preg- nancy despite tremendous pressure by medcal professionals. Smadar is one who chose life and doesn’t regret it for a moment.

Spring-Summer 2015 Newsletter

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Winter 2015 Newsletter

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Fall 2014 Newsletter

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