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Chaim’s first birthday

Apr 16, 2019 • By Sandy Shoshani

Chaim’s first birthday came in the midst of an apartment move. Hanna and her husband were miraculously able to beat the years’ wait and get government housing at a token rent. So there was a double occasion to celebrate. Chaim is much loved by his 2 siblings and his parents. It appears, however, that he has developed the same disability with his lungs that his older sister has. Twice a week, Hanna has to take her for tests and she anticipates that she will have to take Chaim for these same tests when he is a little older. In the meantime, he is still on steroids (pretty much since birth) which have caused him to gain a lot of weight. He will be having a bronchoscopy soon to see the extent of his breathing and coughing problems. At one year, he also doesn’t yet sit on his own or crawl on his hands and legs (only on his belly), but Hanna isn’t too concerned because Chaim’s older sister had the same developmental delay and today, she is motorically age-appropriate. In any case, it was suggested that Chaim get some physical therapy, which Hanna will arrange.

Hanna’s husband is the only breadwinner in the family at this point. Hanna has just managed to get Chaim into subsidized daycare and with the little free time she will have between medical appointments, she hopes to be able to work from home as a telemarketer specializing in ‘customer retention’. Hanna and her husband waited so long for their children, but the battling the bureaucracy to get disability allowances, appropriate housing and everything that involves, is taking its toll. Operation Moses played a special role this past year in relieving some of the stress of having disabled children. So a special thanks goes to her sponsor. Please do, however, continue to pray for this family.