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Help Israeli women and men choose LIFE.

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Help save unborn babies

Estimates say 1/5 of all pregnancies in Israel end in abortion. Since 1948, more babies have been aborted in Israel than the number of children that died in the Holocaust. Yet despite the nation’s deeply rooted respect for life, Israel is one of the only countries in the world where it is legal to abort a baby up until birth.

You can help bring hope to women in crisis pregnancies by providing counseling, education, and practical provision. In this way you can partner in helping the men and women of Israel choose LIFE.

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Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.

Support Advocacy

Help fund our efforts to advocate the public and change public opinion

These precious babies need your support

Stand for LIFE in Israel

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Latest Stories

Chaim’s first birthday

Chaim’s first birthday came in the midst of an apartment move. Hanna and her husband were miraculously able to beat the years’ wait and get government housing at a token rent.

Orthodox Family

Rinat is a young 19-year-old woman.  She comes from an Orthodox Jewish family, but when her father died two years ago the whole family left their orthodox lifestyle and traditions, except for keeping the Shabbat.

Shiri and Her Newborn

Shiri is a lovely young woman who found out she was pregnant while she was doing her army service. She seriously considered having an abortion as the pregnancy was unplanned.  Thankfully Shiri heard about Be’ad Chaim through the welfare system.

Our Mothers


Without the help of Be'ad Chaim, I surely would have had an abortion, because I saw no other option.


Mother to Sharbel & Bishara

I think that at first it could be hard and uncomfortable, but then people get used to it and it works out.


Mother to Boaz

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