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We need your prayers! Read some of our incredible stories, stay up to date with the latest newsletters, prayer points and devotionals. We understand that not all are capable of supporting financially and physically, but your prayers are equally as important!

Tali and Her Baby Girl

Tali has received the furniture promised to her and also the monthly vouchers. This was a truly significant help for her as she was able to count on this to provide all the basic needs for her sweet daughter over the past year.

Ruchama and Adi 

Ruchama is a young single mother with 3 children. She left home when she was 16 years old and has had one abotion in the past. 

Sandy's Devotional

Nun’s son Joshua and Jephunneh’s son Caleb, who had accompanied the others who also had explored the land, tore their clothes and attempted to reason with the entire congregation of Israel.

Shuli The Young 19 Year Old Arab Israeli Girl

Shuli is a young 19 year old Arab Israeli girl.  She has 12 brothers and sisters. When Shuli was only 16 years old she ran away from home, started working and renting an apartment all by herself.  Shuli’s parents were very abusive and violent towards her and her siblings, and many of them were moved into boarding schools far away from home.

Amit and Her Husband

Amit is married to an Arab Israeli man and has 4 children. Before giving birth to her first daughter Amit had had six miscarriages and one aborion.  

Julia - Alin

Precious Alin celebrated her 1st birthday on the 1st May 2019. She is a lovely little girl, growing and developing very well. 

Marina and Mia

Beautiful Mia celebrated her first birthday on the 28th April 2019. She is a sweet little girl, healthy and developing very well. She is crawling confidently and recently started standing and even taking a couple of steps on her own.  It looks like she will be walking very soon.  

Adriana and Baby Dani

Precious Dani Cohen celebrated his first birthday on the 19th May 2019. He is a lovely and smart little boy. Praise God he is growing and developing well.

Idan & Adam 

Tal’s  precious twins, Idan and Adam,  celebrated their 1st birthday on the 14th April 2019. When they were first born the doctors did not see any special problems, they both seemed healthy and well. Unfortunately later on they have discovered several problems.

Hodaya With Baby Boy Yosef Yaakov

Hodaya is happily married and has a little boy Ofek who is 1.4 years. Hodaya and her husband have a very strong and loving relationship, he is very supportive and works very hard to provide for the family.

Anna With Baby Boy Nati

Nati (meaning 'given by God') was born a week after his due date, on June 3, 2019 and weighed a nice 3.4 kg. After her due date passed, Anna went to the hospital to be monitored and at one point, showed that the baby was in distress because labor had shown signs of having begun but was not progressing.

1st Birthday Celebration

Precious Nirit celebrated her 1st birthday on the 24th April 2019. We trust and hope she is growing and developing well and bringing a lot of joy to her family.  

Sandy's Devotional

“I have read a story of an old Doctor of the Church, who, going out one morning, met a beggar, and said to him, ‘I wish you a good day.’ ‘Sir,’ said he, ‘I never had an ill day in my life.’..

Ofir and Her Baby

Ofir is married and has 3 children- age five, one year, and now the newborn Lana.

Maya With Baby Girl

Maya is a lovely Muslim woman. She is divorced and has 2 daughters, ages 9 and 10. Unfortunately her ex husband took both their daughters and they now live with him. Since March 2019 he has cut all contact with Maya and doesn’t allow her to see her daughters at all...

Tali and Aron

Precious Aron celebrated his 1st birthday on the 20th April 2019. He is a handsome little boy, very happy and smiles a lot.  Aron is  healthy and  growing and developing very well.

Ofir With Baby Girl Liel

With all the excitement Ofir and her husband knew they would really struggle to cope with having to support another child.  They were already in a very difficult financial situation. Ofir knew about Be’ad Chaim, as we had helped her with her second son Eliyah.

Miri and Her Baby

Miri is a lovely Muslim woman. She is divorced and has 2 daughters, ages 9 and 10. Unfortunately her ex husband took both their daughters and they now live with him. Since March 2019 he has cut all contact with Miri and doesn’t allow her to see her daughters at all.

Gilat With her twins Oren & Elad 

When Gilat and her husband realized that she was pregnant again they were very happy despite all their financial needs and struggles, but  what they didn’t know at first was that  she was pregnant with twins.

Orit With twins Meytal & Sarit

The first pregnancy started developing in the Fallopian tubes and the second pregnancy with twins started developing in a tendon. Both ended in a miscarriage. Orit was so devastated and disappointed. She had to wait another 6 months before she could try again.