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Podcast: Holocaust vs Abortion Any Difference?

The holocaust took the lives of millions of innocent people and is regarded as among the worst human rights violations that the world has ever seen.

July 2024 Newsletter

For the past eight months, Israel has been at war. Not only in our region but all over the world we see antisemitism and hatred spewed at our people. I cannot express with words my deep gratitude to you, who love the Lord, and care about us.

June 2024 Newsletter

When is the right time to have a new baby? Often, we hear, “A baby will ruin my future.” Our counselor, Miriam, was sixteen and homeless when she became pregnant with her firstborn son Osher.

Can Moms in Israel Have a Happy Mother’s Day?

Join us for this update from Israel with long-time friend and ministry partner Sandy Shoshani of Be’ad Chaim (noted as the Operation Life project on our website). Sandy provides an update on the situation in Israel, and the emotional and psychological trauma facing Israelis from all backgrounds, particularly mothers and children living on the front lines of war and aggression.

May 2024 Newsletter

Sometimes, a hero can be the most unlikely person. For me, many of our Be’ad Chaim moms have shown themselves to be incredibly brave.

Larisa's Story

When Larisa found out that she was in an unplanned pregnancy from her violent partner, she thought that abortion was her only choice.

April 2024 Newsletter

As we celebrate Passover this month, we remember that God brought the people of Israel freedom in the place of slavery. In Hebrew, the word “ashes” and the word “beauty” are spelled with the same three letters but in a different order.

Sandy’s Devotional

We don’t know the source of the Psalmist’s pain here, but we know that his soul is suffering from defeat, discouragement, and hopelessness. Sometimes in the pit, we might be tempted to ‘rescue’ ourselves through trying to find a human (prideful) solution.

March 2024 Newsletter

Ever since the war began, everywhere we look, we see faces. Faces of hostages. Faces of fallen soldiers. Faces of grieving families. Yet, even in the midst of sorrow, there is new life. With joy, we share in this newsletter the faces of new lives. Lives of babies whose mothers, at first, had not wanted to see their faces.

February 2024 Newsletter

Recently, I made a visit to our counselor Yael, who serves women in Ashkelon and Ashdod, where we are helping over 70 new mothers and pregnant women. Yael also supervises our apartment for pregnant women.

January 2024 Newsletter

The illogical becomes logical when we look beyond circumstances and look to God. Sarah gave birth to Isaac when she was ninety years old. Mary was a virgin who birthed the Messiah.

December 2023 Newsletter

When Jesus was born, all of Jewish Palestine, as well as neighboring Gentile areas, were ruled by Herod the Great, a king appointed by the Romans. In Luke 2, we read that Herod commanded his soldiers to slaughter the innocent children of Bethlehem in an attempt to kill the infant Jesus, whom Herod feared would eventually seize his kingdom.

November 2023 Newsletter

On October 7, 2023, the lives of the people of Israel changed. The Hamas terrorist attack stunned us with its brutality. In my newsletters, I have often mentioned our struggle to protect the lives of the unborn.

October 2023 Newsletter

We rejoiced to see many people from the nations and the Body of Messiah in the Land of Israel, joined in prayer during the ten days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, using our Daily Devotional for Life.

Believers gather for time of prayer, testimonies at first-ever 'National Prayer For Life' event in Israel

'My dream is to see a march for life here in Israel,' shares Be'ad Chaim Director Sandy Shoshani

How many Israeli babies have been aborted since 1948? Estimates range from 800,000 to 2 million

It’s time to urgently strengthen and expand Israel’s pro-life movement

Sandy’s Devotional

The tribe of Joseph said themselves, “The Lord has blessed us abundantly.” Yet, they grumbled that His blessings were not enough. They demanded more rather than being thankful.

September 2023 Newsletter

WE TAKE ACTION. Through media and contacts with social workers, we reach out to women in crisis pregnancy so that we can protect both the mothers and the babies emotionally and practically.

August 2023 Newsletter

Jesus asked one thing – “Is it lawful to save life or destroy it?” The religious leaders were more concerned about laws, traditions, and opinions than about the man with the withered hand. Because Jesus challenged their world view, they were enraged.

Interview with Sandy

Margaret interviews Sandy about Be'ad Chaim