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April 2024 Newsletter

Apr 01, 2024 • By Sandy Shoshani

“He gives me beauty for ashes.” (Isaiah 61)

As we celebrate Passover this month, we remember that God brought the people of Israel freedom in the place of slavery. In Hebrew, the word “ashes” and the word “beauty” are spelled with the same three letters but in a different order. This is the miracle of our God: He redeems, transforming ashes and pain into beauty and glory. We see many women in pain in our offices. Some of them have suffered the loss of a baby and need healing found through counseling and planting a tree in the Gardens of Life. Women in painful crisis pregnancies find new hope as they hold their precious new babies in their arms. Our God redeems and restores—He is the giver of beauty for ashes.

The Gardens of Life

Many people have found new freedom, healing, and comfort through planting a tree this month in the Gardens of Life, a place of memorial to unborn children where the wild flowers bloom in glory. Here are just a few of the experiences shared by Laurel, our caring prayer hostess: “A secular but faith-filled couple from Tel Aviv suffered the stillbirth of twins, a boy and a girl, two months ago. We planted two cypresses in their honor. It was a precious and moving time of sharing our faith that God is good, and we prayed for many more healthy children to be added to their family. An Israeli woman in her late sixties planted a cypress in memory of her baby boy who died at less than two years old from unknown causes, many years ago. She said she felt it completed something in her soul.” Write our office to make an appointment to plant or to ask Laurel to prayerfully plant in your stead.


Our clientele in Be’er Sheva, where we serve the Negev, is a diverse group of new mothers, giving a picture of our ministry and devotion to serve every woman in crisis pregnancy regardless of religion, race, or nationality. In March, we had an exciting photo shoot day there in preparation for our 2024-2025 sixteen-month calendar. Here are a few sneak peeks.


Jerusalem new moms were blessed by a group of volunteers who prepared a special brunch for them to show them God’s love. Included in the morning program, a guest speaker shared his testimony of perseverance, hope, and victory despite extreme life circumstances. The mothers participated in a lively conversation, while eating gourmet cheeses, fresh fruits and delicious cakes. It was a morning of encouragement and kindness which touched their hearts.


In Be’er Sheva, we met mother Eva, who proudly introduced us to her son Be’eri, dressed as Batman for Purim. Eva wrote this touching thank you note: “Be’eri is now a year old, and it’s my last month of you supporting me. There’s no one happier than I am! Because of you, I have Be’eri. You helped me so much. I don’t know what I would have done without you. It will be hard for me now, but I hope for the best. Thank you so much. I love all three of you [the team in Be’er Sheva]. Oxana, you are an amazing woman. I want to say over and over, THANK YOU. I wish that I could have many more years with you because there are not many people like you or nonprofits like yours. I love you all and send many thanks.” Oxana, our lead counselor in Be’er Sheva, was deeply touched by this note and reminded us that our team had persevered in prayer for Eva to choose life for Be’eri almost until the end of the pregnancy.


Nancy, who lives in Eilat, is a visitor from Africa with no legal status or health care in Israel. When she discovered her pregnancy, she was embarrassed and confused, BUT she is very brave and chose life! Nancy worked hard and saved to pay for a hospital birth in a private Catholic hospital in Jerusalem, where the cost of the birth was half of the public hospital in Eilat. In love, we helped her pay a portion of the hospital costs. At thirty-eight weeks of pregnancy, she took a four-hour bus ride to Jerusalem. Two days after birth, through Caesarian section surgery, she took the same four-hour bus ride home with her new son Sean! A few days after birth, Nancy wrote this note to thank us:

I am doing fine, feeling way better., getting used to motherhood., its been a ride so far.., I wanted to thank you again for the help you gave. My heart is full of gratitude. God bless you. It really means a lot. May you never lack. I am sending you along love and a million appreciations for your financial help when i was in despair. I will never forget your kindness. With your help, I was able to start this journey of motherhood in the best way I could have wished for.



Mali is twenty-seven years old, married, and has two young daughters. She was using contraception, but she wasn’t feeling well, so she changed medication. During that time, she found herself in a very unplanned and unexpected pregnancy. She and her husband were already struggling financially, on top of her husband’s continuing battle to get free from drugs and crime. Mali thought having an abortion was her only choice. After contacting our counselor for help, she found the emotional and practical support she needed to choose life. When she was in her third trimester of pregnancy, the war broke out. Her brother and his girlfriend were both murdered at Nova Festival on October 7. This tragedy broke her whole family to pieces. Mali had been very close to her brother and loved him very much. She became depressed and didn’t want to get out of bed. On the last day of 2023, Mali gave birth to baby boy Rafael. His name means “God heals”. She hopes that this baby will bring healing to their family. Despite all their suffering and grief, Mali is grateful to God for the gift that He has given her. This new life is a light in a season of darkness.


divine appointment

Sarah is thirty-six years old. She is married and has two children. Normally, they live in Kiryat Shmona, on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, but because of the rocket fire, they were evacuated from their home and given accommodation in Tiberias. At the time, she was thirty-four weeks pregnant. Her older boy was able to go to a local school, but their toddler has physical disabilities and cannot walk yet. He is attending a special kindergarten and gets physiotherapy regularly. Her husband lost his job in the factory when the war began. Remarkably, Sarah met our counselor on a bus, began chatting, and poured out her heart about her situation. They still didn’t have the basic furniture for their new baby. With few friends and no relatives living nearby, there was no one to lend them anything. It was clear that Sarah was in great need of support and help, and we were more than happy to give it. She very gratefully received a bed with sheets and bumpers, a stroller, and a bath for the baby. This was a fantastic help for them. In December, baby girl Eliya was born. Her name means “my God is Lord.”


from war zone to war zone, without fear

Victoria is twenty-eight years old and lives in Be'er Sheva. Her little daughter Michelle celebrated her first birthday in November and is a beautiful child who is already walking and running around the house. Victoria shared that the recent months of war have been very challenging for her. She had fled Ukraine because of the war there, never thinking to find herself in another war zone over here! She was shocked by what happened and very afraid. Victoria’s husband has been able to continue working long hours in a factory in order to provide for them. Victoria’s mother comes to help her with the girls because he is working so late. As a new immigrant, it has not been easy. Everything is expensive. She became pregnant when her first daughter was very small. She was worried because she still couldn’t speak the language, making it hard to find a job. She was so thankful for the monthly vouchers which enabled her to buy diapers, formula, and other necessities for the baby, and took that worry off her shoulders.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Provide Clothing

Provide women with clothing and certain baby items for a full year. Help lessen the financial pressure of buying it all on their own.