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August 2023 Newsletter

Aug 01, 2023 • By Sandy Shoshani

Then Jesus said to them, “I will ask you one thing: Is it lawful (on the Sabbath) to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy?” And when He had looked around at them all, He said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” And he did so, and his hand was restored as whole as the other. But they were filled with rage…” (Luke 6)

Jesus asked one thing – “Is it lawful to save life or destroy it?” The religious leaders were more concerned about laws, traditions, and opinions than about the man with the withered hand. Because Jesus challenged their world view, they were enraged. The man, on the other hand, was told to do something impossible – to stretch out his withered hand. In obedience and faith, he bravely succeeded to do what others thought was impossible. Our mothers, although people tell them that they “can’t raise a child,” bravely choose to do what seems impossible. Sadly, when we help save lives and support women in crisis pregnancy, people are filled with rage because we have challenged their views about abortion. They do not consider the devastating consequences of abortion on a woman, her child and her family. A pro-abortion position is not one of compassion and love for the needy. Whatever may be the opinions and responses of our society, “the modern Christian has the challenge of displaying love and compassion to all, and faithfully upholding God’s clearly stated moral standard on matters of social controversy” (David Guzik). Together, we heartily answer Jesus’ question: “Yes, it is lawful and required to save life!”

May God bless you for courageously upholding His standard.


Betty and Baby Girl Hodaya

Betty, 18 years old, was in a relationship with a boyfriend. When she told him that she was pregnant, he had no interest in a baby and told her to abort. Betty felt confused, lonely, and very afraid. She found Be’ad Chaim through Facebook and contacted our hotline. Her daughter, Hodaya, which means “thanksgiving,” is now six months old. Betty and Hodaya live with her parents. Grandma is super excited about precious Hodaya and sends photos nearly daily to Oxana, their counselor. It’s a blessing to see how the tough and confusing situation of a pregnant 18-year-old can turn into such a joy for an entire family. Although Hodaya doesn’t have a relationship with her father, she has a very warm and loving relationship with her caring mother and doting grandparents.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Mali and Baby Girl Biseret

Mali, 31 years old, married mother of three children, lives in the South. When she found herself in an unplanned pregnancy, her youngest was not even a year and a half yet. She was not working, and it all seemed too much for her. She had one abortion in the past and really thought this was her only and best option again. Thankfully, Be’ad Chaim has a close relationship with the welfare department in Beer Sheba, so Mali’s social worker recommended that she contact us. Although Mali chose to continue her pregnancy and had been promised financial support through our Operation Moses project, she still feared caring emotionally and financially for another child and considered adoption for her child. In March, new baby girl Biseret was born, meaning “good fortune” in Amharic. Since the birth, Mali’s family has embraced her in love, lending support. Her husband and sister help at home with errands and the other children. She wrote this short note toour donors: “Dear donor, thank you for being a part of my and Biseret’s life. Your generosity has been a big contribution to my family. A million thank yous!”

Duaa and Triplets Selami, Tulin & Maliha

The Bedouin are a primarily nomadic Arab society, living in numerous states in the Middle East. After Israel became a state in 1948, many of the Bedouin were relocated to towns. As a minority, they are marginalized, particularly Bedouin women who often lack educational, vocational and healthcare opportunities.

Duaa is a 27-year-old Bedouin wife and mother of four children. When Duaa found out that she was pregnant, she was excited. But when she received the news that she was expecting triplets, she panicked. Her husband has another wife, which is very common within their culture and community. Her husband is not very supportive and initially, Duaa considered an abortion or “thinning out the pregnancy.” After a friend’s recommendation that she ask for help from Be’ad Chaim, her counselor gave her emotional support and promised practical assistance for the triplets through our Operation Moses Project. Her two girls, Tulin and Maliha, and her son Selami were born in April. Duaa received three baby beds and sheets, a stroller for the triplets, and lots of baby clothes. She also receives monthly gifts cards for each of the three babies valued at more than $300 a month. Triplets plus her four other children is a BIG JOB. Her husband’s first wife is helping her! Duaa is deeply grateful for the bundle of joy in her arms and for the abundance of help from Be’ad Chaim and our donors.

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New! Be'ad Chaim Baby Calendar - 2023-2024

Gardens of Life

Since 2010, when the Gardens of Life were dedicated, thousands of people have found comfort and closure through the planting of a tree in memory and honor of a child who was not held. This four-acre forest, surrounded by cypress trees and watered by the nearby reservoir, has been visited by thousands over the years. Last month, a group from the USA visited, and several trees were planted by individuals. Craig, one of those who planted, sent this follow-up letter:

I wanted to share with you one of the very meaningful excursions for me that I was not expecting, but gave me a lot of joy and comfort from something that I have been living with for a longtime. I have been thinking about it since I have been home, and realized that a lot of healing has taken place, as if lifting a weight off my heart.

In about 1991-92, while still fairly new at the fire department, a call came in about 5pm on a weekday for an infant not breathing! I was the third on the engine (not captain, not driver) so I knew I would be the attending EMT. After a short code three drive, we arrived and I was able to get out of the jump seat and quickly go toward the daycare mom who was franticly saying, "She did not wake up from her nap!" She brought me into the room where I found the baby not breathing and I instinctively went into "infant CPR". When the captain came in, he said our medic ambulance was on another call, and the backup was ten minutes out, and for me to jump in the back of the police car, this would be the best chance. This was the only time I had ever done this or heard of it being done! We did this, and after quite a ride to the hospital, I jumped out of the back carrying the baby inside the ER, where I was guided to one of the available beds/gurney. Very quickly, there were nurses, doctors, and many people with machines being brought in while I was still performing CPR. When they took over from me, medications were being administered and machines being hooked up, it was then that they took the diaper off the baby to check for any other trauma (normal procedure). I will never forget that it was at that moment I realized it was a 'baby girl!' I had just been working on a baby until that point. I was flooded with thoughts of my baby girl, Sarah, about a year old at the time, at home with my wife, who coincidently did daycare! After many rounds of medicine and life saving procedures, it was realized she was with God and the doctor called for time of death. I was numb. This was just at the time when people started thinking of PTSD and critical incident stress debriefings after such calls, but none was ever held for this call. I have had to relive this call multiple times as I was an instructor for CPR and I have had to relate it many times, always with some emotional difficulty. So, the reason I tell you guys this, is because this was the emphasis that was used for the 'planting of the trees' for us. I know this was a little out of the idea that was set forth as in abortion, still birth, etc., but I felt God’s hand in this one. Through the people that spoke there, I felt a sense of calm come over me, that she is with God now and there is no need for me to carry that burden any longer. As tragic as it was at the time, I felt at peace, unlike anything I could explain, or have ever received from critical stress debriefing. I finally felt some closure.

God’s love and blessings,


Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.

Grateful for Hardworking Volunteers

This month, volunteers offered to bless our moms. A group of men went to the moldy apartment of one of our moms, where they cleaned, repaired, and painted the walls with special paints to clear up the mold and beautify the home. Others went to another mom’s apartment to help organize and clean. A third group of women made meals and bought treats for some of our mothers and their babies. It’s always a blessing to “spoil” and to pour out God’s love on women who received very little love and kindness in their lives.

Media Update

Our social media exposure continues to grow. We praise God for new, revamped Hebrew Instagram posts and reels which are reaching thousands with a clear message of LIFE. Our social media is very different in English and Hebrew. In English, we let you, our friends, know about our work, projects, prayer needs, and new babies. We have over 78,000 friends whom we deeply appreciate. In Hebrew, our goal is to reach women in crisis pregnancy and offer them information and HELP. Our goal is that every woman in crisis will know that she is not alone–we are here to support, to encourage, and to EMPOWER HER TO CHOOSE LIFE.

Provide Clothing

Provide women with clothing and certain baby items for a full year. Help lessen the financial pressure of buying it all on their own.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.