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Baby Eden-Mor

Aug 17, 2020 • By Be'ad Chaim

Baby Eden was born on the 28th of June this year.  He weighed 2.700 Kg and is a healthy baby boy. His birth really was a miracle, as the event that happened just before his birth could have caused both his and his mother’s death! 

Mor was driving her car with her two-year-old son when a bus hit her from behind and caused her vehicle to roll over and turn upside down!  She was hospitalized immediately and gave birth that day.  Her toddler son had a skull fracture and a ruptured spleen, and Mor had a pelvic fracture.

Mor has been so very thankful to God every day since then, that they are all alive and now well recovered. She called her newborn baby Eden, which means a gift from God. 

Mor has only been married for a few years, but since her marriage her husband has been in jail, and now released.   Since his release he has been having trouble finding a job because of his criminal record. Mor has been working and her husband stayed at home to look after the children. 

Mor comes from a religious background but her family do not keep in regular contact now because of her “husband’s choices”.  This really upset Mor and she decided she could raise her children on her own without their help.  However, since the trauma of her accident, she told me, she really misses her mother more than ever. 

Mor and her husband live in a rented apartment, and the rent is high. They struggle to pay the bills every month. Mor tries to keep  positive but  her husband’s attitude does not help, he is quite depressed.   

When Mor met him she thought that he would change for her and become a better person, but she was wrong, so wrong, and now she is  dealing  with her choices.  

It was thanks to your very generous support that Mor was able to become part of the Operation Moses Project.  This provided her with all the furniture she would need for her baby plus monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy the other essential things she would need for her baby.

Mor was very touched by all the care and attention her counselor gave her and her family and to her generous donor who supported them through this very difficult and challenging time.