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December 2021 Newsletter

Dec 01, 2021 • By Sandy Shoshani

Dear Friend,

In the book of Romans chapter 12, we are admonished :

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.”

While we realize that it is only by the Spirit of God that minds can be truly renewed and changed, we are keenly aware that we have a responsibility to challenge people with God’s TRUTH. "This is the crucial point. While human politics is based on the premise that society must be changed in order to change people, in the politics of the Kingdom it is people who must be changed in order to change society." (Charles Colson, advisor to former US President Richard Nixon). As Mr. Colson wrote, we work to change opinions about abortion in order to change our society. Toward this end, we continue to extend our media outreach campaigns to the public.

- Billboard: Our second wall-size billboard on the Tel Aviv/Jerusalem highway was in full view from November 11 to 22. This time we used satirical humor. This billboard says “The fetus has no human rights… I’m just saying.” This is also a teaser for a series of videos.

- Videos: Four professional video clips were produced, based on videos by Klassy_in_Pink (Laura Klassen). These excellent clips challenge the public to reexamine perspectives and views on abortion and their own stereotypical opinions. The first video released is called the “Magical Birth Canal” which questions Israeli law and status quo that states that a person is only a person when he/she leaves the birth canal. Sadly, it is true that the unborn child has no legal rights, but we aim to change people’s hearts so that we will see laws change.

- An appeal to the Minister of Health/the Supreme Court: As mentioned in our weekly prayer notes, through a lawyer, we have appealed to the Minister of Health to limit abortion in Israel to the point of viability, which is 24 weeks. This preliminary step must be taken in order to petition the Court. We need your prayers, as the Minister has responded generically and negatively so far.

- New bus ads: We have recreated our full side advertisements on over 200 busses across Israel. The ad says: “You don’t need to abort. Counseling and support for women in unplanned pregnancies and after abortion.” (*Miscarriage and abortion are the same word in Hebrew).

Join precious mom Rebecca and dad Ari in prayer for their unborn child:

Rebecca and Ari are an Ultra-Orthodox couple who have suffered from infertility, miscarriage and stillbirth. After fertility treatment, Rebecca is now pregnant, but doctors have advised her to abort after tests revealed that their unborn son has damaged kidneys and limited amniotic fluid. Devastated and afraid, the couple called our hotline for help. Through the generosity of donors, we were able to send them to a private doctor who specializes in fetal care. This doctor was the ONLY one who gave them hope and encouraged them to continue the pregnancy. He told them that if there is amniotic fluid until week 25, then the baby’s lungs will develop enough for him to survive birth. The doctor said that the baby will need dialysis at birth and a kidney transplant in the future. Rebecca is now 22 weeks along. She pleaded, “May my son be born alive! We will cope with whatever the future may bring.” Please join us in prayer for God to perform a miracle.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Naomi and baby Anael

When social workers partner with us, we rejoice because it is often the social worker who either refers and encourages women to abort or to seek help to keep the baby. So when Roni, a social worker, asked us to offer ‘special help’ to young mother Naomi, already one of our clients in the Operation Moses program, we wanted to help. Roni shared that Naomi had a tough childhood and no support from her family. Her partner, newborn Anael’s father, was in prison and Naomi had cut off contact with him. With Roni’s help and the encouragement of our counselor Riwka, Naomi chose to turn her life around by choosing better friends, learning to manage her finances, and beginning to study toward a profession. Would we, Be’ad Chaim, help pay for her studies to become a medical secretary? Knowing the generosity of our donors, I quickly agreed that we could raise the needed $2500 for tuition. Thank you Be’ad Chaim donors! Naomi is excited to begin her studies on December 1st. Let’s join together in prayer that this 20 year old new mom will be able to successfully complete the six month course and achieve the new goals that she has set for her life.

Adel needs prayer!

Adel recently celebrated her first birthday and is dearly beloved by her mom Rina and her older sister. Rina is a woman of faith. For every difficulty that comes her way, her response is "Thanks be to God" or "If I am going through this, He must know that I can handle it." She is managing to hold down a part-time job and care for her two daughters, as well as her aging parents. Her mom is paralyzed after having a CVA (stroke) and Rina makes it a point to visit her parents daily. When Adel was born one year ago, her father refused to recognize her as his daughter. At first, Rina succumbed to depression and despair, but then realized that she needed to decide whether to feel sorry for herself or to "pull herself together" and be there for her daughters.

At 15 months, Adel is doing well. She is in daycare and loves being with other children. She already walks and eats whatever is put in front of her. Adel's only difficulty is that she was found to have a hole in her heart. Many babies have this issue but it generally closes on its own. Adel's is larger than normal. She will be under observation every 4 months until she is 4 years old. Then the doctors will determine whether she needs surgery to close it up. Please pray for this sweet little beauty.

Orly and baby Elai

Orly and her husband have 4 children ranging in age from one year to five years old. One child is 100% disabled and the others need speech therapy and occupational therapy. In addition, she and her husband are in therapy with a psychiatrist and live off disability allowances from National Insurance. They get government assistance with rent and are on the waiting list for public housing. Orly had taken precautions not to get pregnant again, but she did anyway. When she discovered it, she was in shock and went into a depression. Her psychiatrist even suggested that she abort. Having had a miscarriage before, where the procedure is similar to an abortion, she and her husband did not want to go through that again. Instead, she decided that she would do what she could to cope with her situation, searched the internet for help and found the Be'ad Chaim hotline at the very beginning of her pregnancy. Her son, Elai, was born in August. He is a joy to his family and his brothers and sisters love him dearly. Orly is confident that all will be well, thanks to the tremendous help of our Operation Moses project which provided her with the initial baby items and the monthly vouchers and diapers. "You can't take these things for granted," she said. The help and encouragement she received have gone a long way in preventing the post-partum depression that she feared.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Sarit needs your prayers!

Sweet Nitai was born 5 weeks early, in early September, and weighed only 2 kg. He is gaining weight very slowly. He is a little beauty, but has some allergies to baby formula and his lungs still need to be strengthened.

Sarit’s life has been far from simple. Her first marriage was to an abusive man. She remarried and had two more children by a man who has since been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is periodically hospitalized. Shortly after Sarit became pregnant with Nitai, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Because of her situation, she had wanted to abort. She became depressed just thinking about how much more complicated her life would be with another child and all she has to deal with.

Thankfully, she had lots of support from family, encouraging her to continue her pregnancy. Her social worker suggested that she contact Be'ad Chaim for help and direction. Nitai's birth was largely made possible because of your generosity. You have blessed Sarit by sponsoring her via our Operation Moses project, which provided her with a stroller, a bed and monthly gift cards to buy diapers and formula for a full year.

Please keep Sarit and Nitai's health in your prayers.

Gardens of Life

We’ve added a new and very large 6.5 meter x 2.5 meter sign to the landscape at Latrun, the location of the Gardens of Life. The sign, shown here in the photo, says:

"Gardens of Life. A memorial site for the unborn child and baby. Support after reproductive loss. ‘Lilach Center’." (* the name of our nation-wide pregnancy centers)

It is our hope and prayer that all who have suffered the loss of a child will be able to find closure and comfort through the planting of a tree in this beautiful, forested garden. Here is a short note and some of the photographs sent to a couple who asked us to plant a tree to bring comfort to their friend who recently suffered a miscarriage:

On November 18, 2021 we planted a cypress tree at the Gardens of Life in Latrun, Israel. We sorrow with you and your friend who lost her little one.

When we don’t understand why some things happen, we trust in God’s character and His kind intentions toward us. We pray for your friend’s consolation, healing, and for her future fruitfulness, as the mother of godly children.

With blessings,


Prayer Hostess

Gardens of Life

Find Healing

Plant a tree and find healing after the loss of a baby through miscarriage, abortion or SIDS - and find comfort, closure, and restoration.

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

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