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January 2023 Newsletter

Jan 01, 2023 • By Sandy Shoshani

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.(Galatians 6:9)

Serving women in crisis pregnancies and helping them choose life for their babies can be a daunting task and often feels like a steep uphill climb. I am deeply thankful to God for our dedicated team that has been able to save nearly a thousand babies this year. As we enter 2023, we take a look back at this past, very busy year:

- 725 babies were born in 2022 and 191 babies currently in the womb will be born in the coming months.

On average, 110 women speak with one of our counselors each month. 52% of these are either seeking an abortion or are considering one. More than 40% of those who sought an abortion chose life for their baby. 50% of the women speak with our hotline counselors and are then referred to their local counselors. 30% find us through friends or family and 24% find us on Google. 16% are returning mothers who received our help with a previous baby.

45% of the women who turned to us are married. 25% of the women are no longer in contact with the father of the baby and 7% of the fathers don’t even know about the pregnancy.

50% of the women finished high school with no higher education. 33% of the women are employed, 28 % have no income and 20% get unemployment or a disability allowance from the government, having an average income ranging between 2600-5000 shekels ($750-$1,400) per month.

Reasons most mentioned for wanting to abort:

-Financial situation (48%)

-Not married to the father of the baby (30%)

-No emotional support (21%)

-Fear (21%)

-No steady relationship with the father or in the process of divorce (18%)

-Too young or not ready to become a mother (18%)

-Not the right time to have a baby (17%)

As I reviewed our files from the outset of the Operation Moses Project in 2006 and the 3725 babies that have finished the program, I thought about those “babies” who are now 15+ years old. One of the moms, Larissa, had become one of our counselors and her daughter, 9th grader Anat, visited the office last week with her classmates from the local Messianic school Makor Hatikva. What a joy to remember the part that Be’ad Chaim had in transforming Larissa’s life and in bringing Anat into the world. We are so very thankful for every life that has been saved through our Operation Moses Project throughout the years, and bless you for your partnership with us. We thank the Lord for His abundant blessings through your love and His mercy.

Blessing you with a grace-filled 2023!

Orli and Baby Boy Be'er

Nineteen year old Orli was serving in the army when she discovered that she was pregnant. She was frightened, confused and didn't know what to do. When her mother found out about her daughter’s pregnancy, she thankfully referred her to us. Orli’s mother had received our help when in an unplanned pregnancy years ago and remembered our genuine care and love. Praise God for this testimony!

When she was 9 weeks along, Orli spoke to our counselor, telling her that she intended to abort the baby and continue with her life as a soldier. Courageously, Orli’s boyfriend encouraged her to continue the pregnancy and told her that he would support her and be by her side, but Orli was very hesitant and conflicted. After speaking to our caring counselor, thank God she decided to keep the baby!

She was very touched by all the concern and attention her counselor gave her throughout this very difficult and challenging season in her life. In October, Orli gave birth to a baby boy and named him Be’er - a well of water. She and her boyfriend became closer during the pregnancy and plan to marry when he finishes his mandatory army service. Orli’s life has not been easy, having experienced abuse as a child in her home, and subsequently growing up in boarding schools. She made some bad choices on the way and has suffered from painful relationships. Now, it seems that her life is falling into a peaceful place of love with an upcoming wedding and her beautiful new son Be’er. We bless Orli and her growing family with unity, stability and love.

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Zenebe and Baby Boy Faniel

In August, baby boy Faniel celebrated his first birthday. According to mother Zenebe, Faniel is a little miracle. He was one of twins, but sadly the other baby didn't survive. We shared Faniel’s miracle story with you in our November 2021 newsletter but want to give you a little update here.

Faniel was born at 32 weeks and had a difficult start. Since he was born prematurely, he is a little behind in development, but he is growing very well. Zenebe has had a year of ups and downs. She had to deal with the grief of losing Faniel’s twin and coping with the special medical attention that Faniel required. As an Eritrean refugee, it was also not easy having to navigate the Israeli medical system because of the language barrier. But now that Faniel is a year old, he is doing much better and no longer needs the frequent check-ups at the hospital, making life a lot easier for her. Zenebe said that she cherishes every moment with him, and is so grateful to have him in her life. Zenebe is at home with the children. Her husband works, but he has a low-paying job so finances are tight. It’s been a joy for us to bless Zenebe and baby boy Faniel with diapers and formula. Zenebe is extremely grateful for the practical help that she has received this year as well as for the many prayers for Faniel’s health. She thanks God that there are people who are willing to help others. It is in no way to be taken for granted.

Sherry and Baby Boy David

Sherry is a 35 year old single Jerusalemite. During COVID-19, she got into financial trouble and decided to move back in with her parents. After a time, she did find a job as a receptionist at a car repair shop but the wages were not very high and she is still paying off her debts. She met a man and dated him a bit, but it was very clear from the outset that this was not going to become a serious relationship. So after a couple of dates, they broke off contact completely. When she discovered that she had gotten pregnant, she did not know what to do and figured that abortion would be a good solution. Her living circumstances and financial situation were not good and she was anxious about being a single mother. When she called our hotline, she was connected to one of our counselors who assured her that money should not be a reason to abort and that help was available. Knowing that she would get that help and was not alone, Sherry wholeheartedly agreed to keep her baby and started to look forward to becoming a mother. In September, Sherry, with her sister by her side, gave birth to adorable David. Our Operation Moses Project provided her with all the furniture she would need for her baby plus monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy other essential items for him. Sherry is completely in love with her son and is so happy that she chose life. She is also very grateful that her parents are thrilled to be new grandparents and are helping her with the practical care.

Alina and Twin Girls Lali and Tali

Lali and Tali celebrated their first birthday two weeks ago. They are simply adorable and their mother Alina says that they are a ray of light and bring joy and laughter to the family. Alina became unexpectedly pregnant during her second year of studies toward a degree in Social Work. It had been her dream to help others. She saw the pregnancy as an obstacle and something that prevented her from reaching her goal. Her husband told her that he would support her in whatever decision she made. The couple already had two children so when she discovered that she was having twins, she was terrified. Now that Lali and Tali are born, the whole family rejoices at the gift that they are to them. The babies recently began daycare so that Alina can continue her studies, and her husband can work to support them. Alina wrote this thank you note ‘from the girls’ to our donors and her counselor:

When our mother discovered that she was pregnant, her situation was very complicated and she didn’t know what to do. Then God sent an angel so that we could see how many good people there are in the world who are willing to help and support us. May God bless you and give you health and happiness. Your donation and help this year warmed our hearts and enabled our mom to buy all of the basics that she needed for us. We are so happy to honor you for all of your help, your kind spirit, goodness and courage to save lives. May you always see blessings from the works of your hands. Be encouraged and may God give you a double portion for all of your kindness. With love and appreciation, the parents and the babies Lali and Tali.

Anat and Baby Girl Miley

Anat, originally from South Africa, is married and has four children, seven-year-old twin boys, and two girls ages four and two. The twins have been diagnosed with autism and they need a lot of care. Anat devotes her attention to them and is therefore not working. Her husband does not have a stable job so their income is low and undependable. In the past year, their relationship has been rocky and he has been in and out of the family home. When Anat discovered that she was pregnant again, her husband wanted her to have an abortion. This put an additional strain on their relationship because Anat did not agree to it. He decided to move out and separate from the family. He does help a little with the finances and visits the children, but he is not reliable and Anat does not know what to expect from him.

Being left alone with four children and pregnant, Anat worried about finances. She remembered getting help from us when pregnant with her twins and decided to call again and ask for assistance. We were, of course, more than happy to support her through the Operation Moses Project. Her gorgeous baby daughter, Miley, was born in September and is a beacon of light for her mother.

Tali and Baby Girl Anael

Tali, a 35 year old mother of an 11 year old boy, comes from an Ultra-Orthodox background. She left that way of life after having suffered sexual assault by several men within her community. She married, divorced and managed to find a job. As a result of her traumatic experiences, Tali has had trouble trusting people. She had one very good friend, but this friendship turned into a physical relationship which resulted in Tali becoming pregnant. When she told her friend, he insisted she get an abortion. When she refused, he immediately broke off their friendship and left her. She felt abused and abandoned again and longed for someone to help her. Then, while buying some new shoes for her son, the salesman noticed she was pregnant and made some comment about it. Tali shared a little about her state of mind and he suggested that she phone Be’ad Chaim! Our counselor lovingly took Tali under her wing. The emotional support and friendship were invaluable to her. Baby girl Anael, meaning ‘God has answered me,’ is now nine months old. Tali recently agreed to share her story on video. When I phoned to thank her, she said, “This is the least that I can do. You (Be’ad Chaim) have done so much for me. You helped me bring this greatest joy into my world. I don’t have enough words to thank you.” She also shared that her new daughter has brought healing and wholeness to her life.

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