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July 2024 Newsletter

Jul 01, 2024 • By Sandy Shoshani

For the past eight months, Israel has been at war. Not only in our region but all over the world we see antisemitism and hatred spewed at our people. I cannot express with words my deep gratitude to you, who love the Lord, and care about us. Your support upholds our hands. One church donated these colorful bears and reminded me that people like you from nations around the world are sending love. Thank you so much for your love for Israel and participation in the future of Israel as we save babies.

With deep gratitude,


Help to Evacuees brings peace

Over a hundred thousand Israelis who primarily live on the northern border with Lebanon are still evacuated to hotels. With the constant barrage of missiles, they have been told that they will remain safely evacuated for many more months. Our contribution of a monthly gift card to more than a hundred new mothers brings them an element of relief and peace. This precious little boy with the gift card on his chest reminds us of God’s peace.

I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, so is my soul within me.” (Psalm 131)

Gardens of Life:

The Gardens are a place of healing in memory of babies who were aborted, miscarried or died at birth. In this four-acre forest, people who grieve their loss find new life and comfort for themselves. This note of thanks brought a smile to our faces: “I tell people how much freedom I gained from buying that tree and joining y'all to plant it. I wrote my child a letter and apologized for my actions. I told him how loved he was and that I can't wait to see him in Heaven. We placed the letter under the roots of the tree. Powerful stuff.” All are welcome to plant when you visit or ask our prayer hostess to plant for you and send photos.

Three Incredible Years in Ashkelon

This month, we complete three super busy years in our Home for Moms in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon. We rented the lovely apartment when pregnant mother Hannah found herself in a very tough situation. She had been fired from her job when her boss discovered that she was pregnant. Hannah had no supportive family and had grown up in boarding schools. At thirty years old, her boyfriend had thrown her out. She had no income and nowhere to go. We chose to show her God’s love. Hannah, like so many of our moms, was rejected by the world but loved by God. Soon after, Miki joined. She had grown up in a religious home, her mother passed away, her father rejected her when he discovered her pregnancy, and she was dejected and depressed. As time went on, more and more women found protection in our Home, including a pregnant drug addict, new immigrants, and several young women who needed a temporary place to stay until they could rent their own apartment. Homeless, eighteen years old, and pregnant, Rahab (whom I shared about in former newsletters) was brought to our door by the welfare department. She stayed for a year to receive nurturing, training, and tender care from our loving house mother Yael. An immigrant fleeing from the war in the Ukraine who had been addicted to drugs and had no family in Israel moved to the apartment. She is now in rehab and hoping to regain custody of her baby who has been placed in foster care. Amalia, a Muslim woman whose life was threatened by honor killing when her siblings discovered her pregnant and unwed, is living in the Home with her four-year-old autistic daughter, her eight-year-old son, and her nineteen-year-old pregnant daughter. Soon they will be moving out to their own apartment. In August, we will renew the rent contract for this special Home of refuge and safety for our fourth time, looking forward with expectation to all the wonderful things that God will accomplish through His love.

“From the mouths of infants and nursing babies You have established strength.”

Psalm 8:2

In the past year, over 550 babies have been born to the Be’ad Chaim family. I wish that I could include here a photo of every one of them because out of the mouths of these babies the glory and the strength of the Living God is declared.


Hodaya, who celebrated her first birthday in February, here lifting her hands, is a testimony of the victory of life over death. Mother Beth left her controlling partner, chose life, and learned to stand on her own two feet as an independent woman for the sake of her child. She wrote: “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate your help so very much, and wish you good health, and may you always be the givers and never be in need!”


Abby had an abortion while serving in the army, leaving her traumatized and depressed. Last year, when she became pregnant, her boyfriend insisted that she have an abortion, but she firmly said, “No!” Their relationship ended. Later on, when the ultrasound revealed that she was having a boy, she told him and he was very excited, and accepted the idea that they were having a baby. Together, they are raising Amram, born in late March.


Suhila, twenty years old, is married but her husband lives in Hebron and visits whenever he can. Suhila had been using an IUD as birth control, but when she experienced terrible pain, she went to the emergency room and was told that she had had a miscarriage. After some time, when she still experienced pains, she went back to the hospital and discovered that she was still pregnant and was expecting twins! Suhila didn’t know how she would manage with twins and their two other children, since most of the time she was on her own. The war has made it more difficult for her husband to visit, but our counselor encouraged her. Today, Suhila is a very proud momma of four gorgeous children.


Oriyah (“God is my light”) is fifteen months old. Oriyah was born with a cleft palate, and from the start it was difficult for her to breathe and eat. She had a rocky start, being on a ventilator and a feeding tube. She spent the first three months of her life in the hospital. At three months, Oriyah had surgery in which they made a hole in her windpipe and attached a tube to it so she could breathe on her own. She was able to go home and be with her family. It was quite a challenge getting used to taking care of her with the new breathing tube. Oriyah attends a special daycare in the children’s hospital in Jerusalem, which specializes in caring for children with breathing problems. Her mother is grateful for your prayers for her upcoming surgery to close the cleft palate.

Baby Has a Heartbeat!

APR, abortion procedure reversal, has had successful results of reversing the abortion process if treatment starts within 24 hours of taking mifepristone (the first chemical abortion pill). It involves a large dosage of pregesterone to the pregnant woman’s system. The procedure has been used safely for over fifty years and shows that neither mifepristone nor progesterone are associated with birth defects. However, the procedure has not yet been endorsed by the Israeli medical society and is not yet FDA approved. Over the years, we have had calls to our hotline from women who, after taking the first of the two chemical abortion pills, changed their mind and deeply regretted beginning the abortion process. Sadly, we were not able to help them because we could not find a doctor who would agree to the reversal procedure.

Thanks be to God, in the past year, a doctor volunteered to help us save babies and agreed to administer progesterone to save lives. This month, we were thrilled when we were able to help mother Alicia save her baby! Alicia called the hotline and was immediately connected with the doctor who patiently and willingly met her late at night. This is the message that our hotline counselor sent:

Hi, Dr. “B” called me to let me know that Alicia finished the initial progesterone treatment. She had three ultrasounds in ER this week and Dr. “B” feels like her baby is out of danger. The baby has a heartbeat! Our counselor spoke with Alicia, who said that she feels good and all is well. She has gone back to work after taking a few days of sick leave.

Update: Thank God! The client visited her doctor (*who had administered the abortion pill) today who was quite surprised!

Sponsor a Life

Become a sponsor and help a mother choose LIFE by providing her with essential items her baby will need for their first year of life.

Provide Clothing

Provide women with clothing and certain baby items for a full year. Help lessen the financial pressure of buying it all on their own.