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March 2024 Newsletter

Mar 01, 2024 • By Sandy Shoshani

Ever since the war began, everywhere we look, we see faces. Faces of hostages. Faces of fallen soldiers. Faces of grieving families. Yet, even in the midst of sorrow, there is new life. With joy, we share in this newsletter the faces of new lives. Lives of babies whose mothers, at first, had not wanted to see their faces. Mothers who once wanted to forget their children. "Perhaps a mother can forget, but I will never forget my people." God will never stop loving His people. God will never stop loving the babies. Thank you, dear friend, for showing God's love to our moms and babies. May the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you. (Numbers 6:25)


At the outset of the war, there were over 60,000 evacuees in hotels. Today, 10,000 evacuees remain. We were privileged to be able to donate over a thousand gift cards to new moms through our collaboration with the municipality of Eilat. Our counselors in Eilat were honored to be invited to a special ceremony of thanks to the many volunteers who helped the Israeli refugees there since the war began. Volunteers received beautiful gift baskets. The municipality also sent Be’ad Chaim a special letter of thanks for our generosity in Eilat.



Everything seemed to be against Aya. Only eighteen years old and pregnant, she was also homeless. Her boyfriend was a soldier, and she had no idea what to do. We gave her a home in our apartment for pregnant moms. The premature birth of gorgeous baby Talia a year ago turned her life around. Since then, Aya and her daughter Talia have been living with the father and his family and are surrounded by love and support. The couple is considering marriage.


Lilach, twenty-two years old, lives with her husband and son Ari Yosef in her parents-in-law’s home. Her mother, a drug addict, had abandoned Lilach when she was a year old. Her father had also been addicted but turned his life around and raised his children with love. Lilach sends this note of gratitude to her counselor: “I want to thank you for your listening ear, for all of the practical items that you gave me and for the fabulous way that you related to me. My close friend paid for us to have professional photos taken as a birth gift for Ari Yosef. I’m sharing these photos with you.”


Salwa is fifty years old and lives in Arara in the Negev desert. She has sixteen children. Her husband has a second wife who already has six children and is now expecting the seventh. Salwa is raising all her children alone, and her only income is a small amount from social security. The monthly vouchers she received through our Operation Moses Project made such a significant difference in her life. Thanks to the Project, her son Minuar, now sixteen months old, has received all that he has needed.


Luda is thirty-four years old and single. She was born in Ukraine, where her parents divorced and her mother was a heavy drinker. At twelve, she immigrated to Israel with her father and stepmother, but was sent to boarding school and finally had to navigate life on her own.

As the years passed, Luda met a man ten years younger than her. Despite the age difference, he promised her commitment and said he wanted to build a home with her. They were making plans when Luda became pregnant. At first, he seemed happy about this, but as it became a reality, he turned against the whole idea. Despite considering abortion, Luda chose life, and last October she gave birth to her daughter Shai-Lee, meaning “gift of God”. The baby has brought her great joy. The support of Be’ad Chaim and her counselor have been a beam of light and hope for her, giving her the strength to carry on, not only for herself, but also for her little daughter Shai-Lee.

YARA & BABY GIRL ARBEL - Abused, rejected, but chose life

Yara lives in Jerusalem and was referred to us by social services. She has two children ages six and four and was just in the process of getting a divorce from her husband who was very violent. She was broken when she found out that she was pregnant again. She wanted to have an abortion, but something inside her told her to think about how much she loves her two other children, and that she would love this baby too, no matter what the father is like. In November, Yara bravely left the husband, moved in with her mother, and gave birth to her gorgeous daughter, Arbel. Arbel has given her hope for a bright future.


When Sarah was only seventeen, she found herself pregnant and took on the new responsibility. She is happy she chose life for her precious baby boy, Ahuvia, born last November. She and her boyfriend got married and are raising their baby Ahuvia together. They have rented an apartment near Jerusalem and so she can be closer to her mother.

She said that Ahuvia has brought light into her life and gives her a reason to get up every morning. He is such a sweet baby. She is now a new person since she became a mother. She says that she doesn’t know how she would have managed were it not for the help we gave her, with a gift card arriving every month to cover the costs of essential baby needs. The baby is now in daycare; both Sarah and her husband are working to support themselves.


Amelia is eighteen years old, from a religious home, and was still in high school when she found herself pregnant. She knew this would be totally unacceptable to her family. She was scared and confused. She looked online to see how to get an abortion, found our hotline, and then chose life.

When she told her boyfriend of her decision, he said they should get married as soon as possible. In November, Amelia gave birth to baby girl Nova. Nova was the name of the music festival where the horrific massacre took place on 7th October, and she named her daughter in memory of those who lost their lives there.


Shani is twenty-three years old and lives with her partner in Tiberias. She has had three abortions in the past, all through great pressure from her family, who do not approve of her non-Jewish partner. They have been together for five years. All this has left Shani traumatized, as one abortion was late term and involved complications. When she found herself pregnant again, she was very fearful and stressed. Shani and her partner considered abortion. Looking online for help, we were there for them. In November, Shani gave birth to a healthy baby boy and named him Yahalom, which means “diamond.” She said the name speaks for itself. After losing three babies to abortion, she now has a great treasure!


Yulia, now seventeen years old, has been in a relationship with a boy for over a year. After her boyfriend’s father was released from prison, her boyfriend became obsessive and very jealous. When she found out she was pregnant, she and her boyfriend were really scared. Her boyfriend and social worker pressed her to abort the baby. Thankfully, her mother advised her not to abort but to find help. Yulia was eleven weeks pregnant when she and her mother came to us. The love, kindness, and support of her counselor and the promise of all baby needs through Operation Moses were life-saving. Her son, Eitan, turned a year old in December. His name means strong because Yulia knew that she needed a stronghold for this new season in her life. Eitan has been very ill since his birth and had surgery on his lungs. Further surgery has been put off until he is stronger, but he suffers from frequent pneumonia. They need your prayers for health!


Salma and her husband were excited about the pregnancy shortly after their wedding. Several months into the pregnancy, tests showed that the baby girl would have a cleft lip. Her husband and his family pressed her to abort, yet Salma felt a love connection to her child. She wanted her baby, even if she might not be “perfect” by other peoples’ standards. In October, she gave birth to Ragad, born with a cleft lip and small hole in the palate. Salma received help from an organization for babies with cleft lips/palates and is waiting for a date for surgery to repair the lip and close the hole, so she will no longer have problems feeding. Salma loves her daughter very much, just the way she is. Her husband and his family are slowly coming around, as she is a very cute little baby. Salma hopes that after the operation, it will be hardly visible, and her husband will fully accept his daughter.

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