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May 2024 Newsletter

May 01, 2024 • By Sandy Shoshani

Sometimes, a hero can be the most unlikely person. For me, many of our Be’ad Chaim moms have shown themselves to be incredibly brave. Despite obstacles that seemed too high to overcome, they have found the courage to CHOOSE LIFE for their babies and new beginnings for themselves.

During a brunch and encouraging lesson for our Jerusalem moms, we asked them: “What is courage for you?


"I’m brave because it doesn’t matter how tough my life is, I try to be the best mother that I can be for my kids."

"I’m a hero because I don’t feel like a victim. I believe that a better tomorrow will come."

"Raising five children alone is very hard especially when the children are very small and close in age. I chose to bring my daughter, Anaelle, and all of my other children, into the world, because I’ve never had a real family of my own. My children are my light and life. They took me out of a life of drugs and alcohol and who knows what else."
I’m strong and believe that we can always change the world for better through love. We must always have hope and "believe in a better future."

"Brave is a small word for a woman because we are superheroes. I work, mother, and care for my seventy-year-old mother. I have two daughters and don’t know how my day passes with so many responsibilities. Women are incredible."

"Every mother must have the courage to raise children to be good people. I already see it with my eight-year-old. Every mother wants to protect her children from experiencing hardships."

"It demands courage to raise children with special needs and medical problems and to get up morning and night to take care of them. It doesn’t matter what my mood is – I serve them in love."

"I look forward, not back at the troubles that I’ve experienced. I look ahead to achieve more."

"A hero is someone who overcomes hardship and obstacles and turns trouble to good. Courage is to choose your own truth. My truth was to choose life for my baby despite the obstacles."

Thanks and blessings to you, my partners, for supporting these women who dare to make tough choices!


Miriam and baby boy Aviel

In a war situation, it is not only the soldiers who must be brave. Since October 8, Hezbollah-led forces have attacked Israeli communities and military posts along the northern border almost daily. Eighty thousand residents were evacuated from communities located up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) south of the Lebanese border to live in limbo, scattered to hotels, kibbutz guest quarters, and other temporary homes.

Miriam, thirty-three years old and divorced, was evacuated with her six-year-old daughter from the town of Shlomi (population 9,000) which is on the northern border of Israel with Lebanon. Miriam was in her last trimester of pregnancy when the war broke out. She and her daughter were sent to live in a hotel in Haifa. She was very anxious about how she would manage with a new baby and was uncertain about the future. It was hard to be in a hotel without her personal belongings, and to be far from her friends and community. Her father, seeing that she didn’t have what she needed for her new baby, phoned us for help. Through our Operation Moses Project, Miriam received a stroller, a crib, baby bath and clothes for the first few months. She was also given the promise of monthly vouchers for the first year to cover the cost of diapers, formula, baby wipes and other essentials. Her son, Aviel (“God is my father”), was born in late December. We join them in prayer for peace on the northern border so that they, and the other evacuees, will be able to safely return home.

Orit and baby Elroi

Mother Orit wrote this heartfelt letter to her counselor, Keren, in Tel Aviv:

Keren, I want to say something to you and to tell you something that happened. Today, my friend came and told me that she is beginning fertility treatments to get pregnant. I realized that there are many women who suffer because they can’t get pregnant. I wondered how I had ever thought of aborting my precious little guy when I see his face every morning with his gorgeous smile. Because of you, I didn’t abort him and I am so thankful to you. Even when I have problems (and there are plenty), you are there for me. I don’t take it for granted that you supplied me with the baby furniture prior to the birth, and help me with monthly gift cards, and equally important you help me pay my rent. Now that I have Elroi Moshe, I want to fight to get out the cycle of poverty. I have told you that I am in debt to the black market. By God’s grace, I believe that even this will work out. I have also declared bankruptcy. I know that every downfall only leads upward. So, again, I thank you, all the wonderful staff and donors who have helped me so much on my journey. With love and appreciation, Orit.

Rachel & Baby Girl Elian

At seven months of pregnancy, living in Ashdod under barrages of rocket attacks was terrifying for Rachel and her children. She had already had a tough time deciding whether or not to continue her pregnancy, and the war intensified her fears. Her loving counselor, Yael, provided much-needed love and reassurance. Looking into the beautiful face of her new daughter, Elian, Rachel wrote: “Thank you for seeing me and understanding my desperate situation. I felt so hopeless and you helped me. I have no words to thank you enough.”

Irit & Baby Boy Adam

Irit, thirty-four years old, was married with four children when she discovered herself pregnant again. They had a daughter aged six, a son aged three, and eleven-month-old twins. Because her other children were so young, and they had their hands full with the twins, everyone told her that she should have an abortion. Her mother said that she had had abortions and that it wasn’t such a bad thing. Irit didn’t listen to the voice of discouragement, but rather listened to her own voice of hope. She said, “I have received a gift!” Yet, it wasn’t easy with such young children. When the war broke out, her husband was immediately called up to serve. He is an officer and was away for many weeks at a time. Irit’s sister lived in Kibbutz Be’eri where 112 members were killed in a very cruel and horrendous way on the 7th of October. Irit knew many of them, and she suffered from terrible grief and sorrow. Her young children were very frightened and didn’t want to sleep in their own beds, but only in the safe room. Her three-year-old began wetting the bed due to stress. On Christmas day, baby boy Adam was born. Her husband managed to get out of the army and be with her for the birth. As soon as she returned home from the hospital, her husband had to return to the army. No matter how hard life can be, Irit says that she will never regret her decision to have her precious baby Adam. He brings so much joy and love to their home.

Eva & Baby Girl Tahir, pressured by doctors

Eva, twenty-one years old and married, was very concerned after having a previous ectopic, life-threatening pregnancy which resulted in an abortion. Doctors advised her to avoid getting pregnant for the following three months in order that her body could heal. However, she suddenly discovered that she had become pregnant and didn’t know what to do. Again, the doctors’ opinion was that she should abort this baby too, and they pressured her to do so. Eva, conflicted, wanted to give the baby a chance and see what would happen. She contacted Be’ad Chaim for information, encouragement, and guidance in her difficult situation. Eva had further prenatal tests and chose life. Baby daughter Tahir was born three months ago on Eva’s birthday! We are so glad that this story had a “happy ending”, and that Eva had the faith and courage to stand against the doctors’ pressure to choose life for her precious daughter.

Heidi & Baby Boy Seif

Heidi is married and had five children, the oldest being twenty years old. She had not intended to have more children, and the pregnancy felt like “the end of the world.” She didn’t know what to do and was strongly tempted to have an abortion. After she told a neighbor about the situation, she was put in touch with one of our counselors. Our caring counselor reassured her that we would help and support her. For months, after the war began, she refused to go for checkups, in fear that there would be sirens on the way. Her sixth child, beautiful baby boy Seif, is now four months old. His name in Arabic reminds her that “when God decides something, I cannot go against His will.” Heidi and her family believe that Seif is a special gift and joy to their family during this difficult and sad season in Israel.

Tammy & Baby Boy Mior

Tammy, twenty-four years old, is married and lives in Be’er Sheva with her husband and two little daughters. When she discovered that she was pregnant, she was very upset because her husband had just lost his job, and the two small girls were “enough” for her. She’d had a previous abortion and saw it as a simple solution to her problem.

After friends advised her to call Be’ad Chaim, she decided to continue the pregnancy, and, to her great joy, discovered that she was having a boy! In the middle of her pregnancy, the war broke out and her husband was immediately called up. Tammy was alone with the girls and had to run repeatedly, terrified, to the bomb shelter during the barrage of thousands of missile attacks. Baby boy Mior, now three months old, is a delight to the family, especially his sisters who smother their brother with kisses. She dressed Mior as a prince for Purim, because he is their little prince!


Several years ago, Rachel, a young, single religious woman, fearfully felt compelled to have an abortion, ashamed and concerned for her future. Recently, she married and joyfully became pregnant. During an ultrasound examination and seeing the images of her baby, she felt a heavy weight of guilt, shame, and regret at having taken the life of her first child. Finding our help online, she visited the Gardens of Life with her husband. Our caring prayer hostess, Laurel, gently guided them through a meaningful time of planting a tree in memory and honor for the baby who was not held. Rachel and her husband were deeply touched by the kindness and closure that they received through the tree planting. All are welcome to plant or write our office to have Laurel plant in your proxy.

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