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November 2023 Newsletter

Nov 01, 2023 • By Sandy Shoshani

My precious friends,

On October 7, 2023, the lives of the people of Israel changed. The Hamas terrorist attack stunned us with its brutality. In my newsletters, I have often mentioned our struggle to protect the lives of the unborn. Today, we battle to protect the lives of our Nation. Too much innocent blood has been shed on our Land. OH, Lord, have mercy on your people.

Be’ad Chaim’s goal is to protect mothers and children as we share the Love of the Almighty God. I am deeply grateful to you, our partners, for your many prayers on our behalf and for standing in the gap for the People of Israel. I can’t thank you enough for all of your love, encouragement and faithfulness. May the Lord richly bless you,


Whenever you see a man in sorrow and trouble, the way to look at it is, not to blame him and inquire how he came there, but to say, ‘Here is an opening for God’s almighty love. Here is an occasion for the display of the grace and goodness of the Lord.’” (Spurgeon)

Our counselor in Beer Sheva, Oxana, was in the bomb shelter, across the street from her home, when we spoke on October 17th. The sirens had just gone off and she’d run across the street with her mother and 10-year-old daughter. Oxana described to me some of the very difficult situations of the women whom she serves. Mother Katrina has a two-year-old

handicapped child and a new baby. She must run down the street to get to her bomb shelter. The two-year-old doesn’t understand and is traumatized, often refusing to move. Others shared that the sirens and the sound of the missiles launched from Gaza terrify their children, making them nauseous and sick. (Usually, PRAISE GOD, these missiles are intercepted and destroyed in the air by Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system.) I asked Oxana where she finds her strength to keep helping others – she cries, she prays and she finds new strength in the Lord. She shared Psalm 130:7 “Oh, Israel, put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with him is abundant redemption.” She asks that you pray for protection for her children serving in the military.

Our office in Be’er Sheva is located in a public bomb shelter.

Diapers that an organization so generously donated for our needy moms in the south.


Fatma Altlkat, 33, from Ar’ara, was killed while working with her husband near Ofakim. She was a mother of nine children, the eldest being nine years old and the youngest six months old. Her cousin, Riyadh, recounted that Fatma and her husband were traveling to work with their infant daughter when the attack began, and shortly after their arrival, they encountered Hamas terrorists who opened fire at them. Fatma was killed on the spot. The child was unharmed and was returned to her family in Ar’ara. Riyadh said Fatma's body was only recovered three days later. “She was an amazing woman and an amazing mother,” Riyadh said. “Everyone here is in shock, and we can't stop crying. At first, when we couldn't find her body, we hoped she might just be injured. Unfortunately, she was killed, and her children were left without a mother.

She sacrificed her life for them.” Many of the unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev lack rocket alarm systems, bomb shelters, and safe rooms.*

Originally published in Ynet, October 16th 2023

*The safe room (‘mamad’) is a room whose walls are constructed from reinforced concrete: the door is made of steel and the windows are made of impact-resistant glass. Since 1993, contractors have been obligated by law to include a safe room in every new apartment that is built.

Fatma’s husband and nine children next to her grave.

Photo credit: N12 News


Michal is twenty-nine years old, the mother of four small children. She lived in a town in the south, ten miles from Gaza. Her next door neighbors were killed when a missile fell in their yard. Michal’s home was destroyed. Michal and her family are now living with a friend, who has seven children, in a city closer to Jerusalem. To help the families with their bills, Be’ad Chaim gave them a generous gift. This is the thank you note that Michal sent Oxana, her counselor:

Hi, beloved one! I wanted to thank you for your huge heart and care in this very challenging season. It can’t be taken for granted. I have no words to thank you for everything. I wish you and all those who are fighting this battle and especially your children that they will return home healthy and whole with victory in their hands. May we know quieter days and especially security. Good day, Michal.

Pictures for illustration purposes only. An apartment in a city near Gaza destroyed by Hamas rockets.

Photo credit: Israel Defense Forces


Jackie, an Arab Christian grandmother, whose daughter we help with her baby, came in deeply distressed by the war situation. She shared with us that she has Christian family in Gaza and their situation is very dangerous. Her family is now taking shelter in a church and afraid that they will be hurt by Hamas. Exactly on October 7th, 2007, her nephew, working in a Christian bookshop, was murdered by fanatical terrorists because he was a Christian and sharing his faith. Our current war began exactly sixteen years to the day after the murder of her nephew, and exactly fifty years after the attack that began the Yom Kippur war, all traumatizing events for Jackie. We prayed together in the office for peace for her, her children and grandchildren. Living in Jerusalem, they were very upset having to go into their bomb shelter during siren alerts. We also prayed for her cousins taking shelter in a church in Gaza. May the angels of God surround them and protect them.


In our July Newsletter, I shared with you about mother Ella, who gave birth to twins Rafael and Jacob. Sadly, after the birth, Ella suffered from postnatal depression and was hospitalized. Although the twins’ father is very responsible and caring, he wasn’t able to maintain a job and care for the boys. His wonderful and kind parents stepped in and took responsibility for the boys when they were only eight weeks old. Today, Grandpa (in Hebrew “Saba”) David was in the office taking supplies for the twins who are now a year and eight months old. David and his wife had been living in Ashkelon, but the bombing there has been severe, so for now they have moved up to Jerusalem. David told me that they were offered an apartment for no cost. He said, “When you show mercy, you receive mercy.” Although the twins are far over a year old, we wanted to shower them with love and practical help through more gift cards, diapers, formula and baby clothes. It is truly our joy to be able to share abundantly with such merciful, special people.


Last month, in our October newsletter (“Miracle Babies”), we shared the story of Katrina, the widowed mother of six children who very bravely chose to give life to her twins Itay and Miley. Since then, there have been massive bombings in her town of Dimona. Katrina has had to cope with having the children home all day, keeping them calm, sheltered and safe. Her counselor, Oxana, asked local believers to help by supplying hot meals for her family. This gesture of love has been a glimpse of light for Katrina in this very dark situation. Thank you for praying for God’s peace and strength for this courageous woman and protection for all her precious children.


Although October 7th will be remembered as a day of sorrow for our nation, I was reminded that God will always bring joy in the midst of sorrow. I received this precious photograph from one of our ‘moms’ on her daughter’s fourth birthday on October 7th. Mother “D” had tried to abort her daughter through a chemical abortion but changed her mind after taking the pills. She phoned over thirty doctors, all of whom told her to abort and that they couldn’t help her. She finally phoned the Heartbeat International hotline and then Be’ad Chaim’s hotline and was encouraged to pursue life. She demanded from an Israeli doctor that he prescribe progesterone to reverse the abortion and to secure the life of her child. So, despite the war beginning on October 7th, precious, beautiful daughter “M” and her mother celebrated her fourth birthday. Life – Joy – Beauty for ashes. The oil of joy for the spirit of heaviness.


Haniel is twenty-seven years old. She and her husband live in Beer Sheva. When their first son was only 1½ months old Haniel found herself pregnant again. On the one hand, she believed this was a blessing from God, but she considered aborting because she couldn’t see how she could cope with two infants. After hearing about Be’ad Chaim through friends, she called and gained the confidence that she needed to choose life. Their son, Ariel, was born in May. After receiving all of the beautiful baby items for Ariel and her first monthly gift card, Haniel wrote: “In the beginning, when I thought about having an abortion and they gave me the number of the counselor, I did not know that I would receive such great support in all aspects. Thank you for the gift cards and the constant concern. God forgive me for thinking about abortion, thank God it wasn't done. This baby is my gift from God." Last June, Haniel shared that after the birth she had to deal with two small children and it was not easy for her. The biggest difficulty was feeling so tired. The little one had not yet started to walk and she felt exhausted. Now, because of the war, her husband has been called to serve in the army and she is deeply concerned. Her mother helps her, but it’s been a challenge with the bomb alerts and two little babies. Thanks for praying for grace for Haniel in this time of need and for God to protect her husband from harm.

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