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Outreach to soldiers

Jan 18, 2021 • By Sandy Shoshani

Outreach to Soldiers

In December, we donated 10,000 packages of sanitary pads to female soldiers on which hard-working volunteers had placed stickers offering our help and contact information. Army pickup trucks came throughout the day for the gifts. Female soldiers gratefully said, “Great, a gift that we really need.” Encouragingly, the day after distribution, one pregnant soldier phoned for help! Our goal is to let any woman in a crisis pregnancy know that we are available to assist her. No woman should abort because she is uninformed, alone and pressured. We are truly ‘prochoice’ – ‘pro’ the right of every woman to CHOOSE LIFE for her child. Be’ad Chaim supports pregnant mothers emotionally through our counselors nationally, and practically through our Operation Moses program which supplies all basic baby needs for a full year including a bed, stroller, bathtub, baby bed sheets, and monthly vouchers to purchase baby necessities such as diapers and formula. You are welcome to participate in this special sponsorship program.

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