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Video - Baby Lilach

Apr 01, 2022 • By Be'ad Chaim

Hagit and baby girl Lilach

Hagit grew up in an Ultra-Orthodox home but suffered abuse and rejection. When she was 20 years old, she left both her family and her religious lifestyle and tried to make it on her own, but her broken heart didn’t allow her to hold down a job. She lives on government disability payments and requires psychiatric care. When she became pregnant, she was convinced that abortion was her only option. In her mind, she heard her mother’s voice saying that children ruin our lives! Still, she couldn’t go through with the abortion. Her Be’ad Chaim counselor helped her to bravely decide that she wanted to break the cycle of past generations of mothers who didn’t want their children. Her precious daughter Lilach was born in January, six weeks premature, but is now doing well. Hagit treasures holding her daughter in her arms and tenderly loving her.